Monday, December 6, 2010

09 - Writing and Juxtaposing

So they say you're spicy like chilli;
The zesty taste made tear well up;

Made me want to spit it out;

And drink some water to forget it;

But, damn does that taste good.

And so they say love is like chilli.

Take a sip to know;
It differs with everyone;
Some say it sweet, some bitter, some plain;
Made us stay up late;
High with adrenaline running through;
Face flushed sipping it;
Hey there, want a cuppa, love?Drop by drop,
The pain was unbearable
Like you had ate an icecream
On a snowy day
Melt please
Like how icecream melted
On a sunny day
Melt away, drop by drop



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