Monday, December 6, 2010

04 - Mortar and Pestle

We are told by Mr. Radzi Bedu to do some exercise involving mortar and pestle, in which we need to imagine a usage for mortar and pestle for the future.
Well, for introduction mortar and pestle or as the Malays called it 'lesung batu' is originally a tool used to crush and grind and mix solid substances. But, for now, let's imagine what mortar and pestle could do using random words that Mr. Radzi had provided us with but I chose three words to use; Malaysia, fashion and great wall.

01. Malaysia
*Mortar and pestle could be the new Malaysia flag.
*It'd symbolise unity as all kind of race use mortar and pestle in their daily life.

02. Fashion
*New type of shoe
*Pestle as the heels and mortar as the platform.

03. Great wall*Speaks for itself - The Great Wall of Mortar and Pestle



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