Friday, October 22, 2010

01 - Thinking

Creative. It's a fairly common word I'd say and according to dear ol' Wiki creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby something new is created which has some kind of value.

Creativity covers a lot of area, arts, business, entertainment. Heck every aspects need some pinch of creativity.

In our first class of Creative Drawing, our lecturers grilled us on the subject of creativity. They use a box as an example. Most people choose to be in the box or choose being safe, but creative people on the other hand choose to cross the boundaries by leaping outside of the box.

For me, the juxtaposition used by them is really understandable and pretty much straight forward.

Being creative is being bold, revolutionary and dare to be different. Sure some creative ideas might be hard to swallow but hey, at least try to be creative!

I mean, when we want to break out from our safe zone and stuck in the repeating cycle of stereotype? Actually, personally I think, creativity lies in everyone, but it depends on that person themselves to use their inner creativity to the fullest potential.

As the image says, "creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes while art is knowing which ones to keep".



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